American roulette

The origins of the "small wheel" haven't been fully clarified. What we know for sure is that the roulette table layout was designed by the legendary Blanc brothers and remained unchanged since then. The bottom point is that Roulette is the most significant gambling game.

American Roulette Exemplified

A small ball positions in one of the many numbered slots after being spun. The player aims to predict the number of the slot where the ball will land before the roulette wheel stops spinning. The American Roulette has 38 numbers: 1-36, 0 and 00.

How to play American Roulette

American Roulette features an array of bet distributions, with every set of number covering different bets. The player can place bets on a number, on a combination of numbers, on different colors (red/black), on odd numbers or even numbers. A bet may easily involve 3, 4, 5 numbers.

Bet types:

  • Straight Up, Split Bet, Corner Bet, Street Bet, Five Bet, Dozen Bet, Column Bet, Line Bet, Even or Odd Bet, Low and High Bet , and the Red or Black Bet.

American Roulette Strategies

There is hardly any casino game that runs out of controversies, American Roulette isn't different. Different roulette strategies can be used in order to influence the odds.

  • Just that you know Martingale is one of the most popular strategies in American Roulette. The theory says that losing streaks doesn't last long. The best method to test this strategy is while betting on combinations: red or black, odd or even.
  • Doubling the bet on the same combination whenever you make a bad prediction is a winning strategy. For instance, you bet $1 on a red when the black comes up, generates a $1 loss. If betting $1 on the same color (red) with the next spin makes you lose a total of $2, then the best option would be to place $3 on the next spin. Even if you lose for the first two spins, the third one will be a winner and you end up with a $1 profit.
  • Another similar strategy is the one called Uber Martingale or Grand Martingale. This subset of the Martingale strategies implies pretty much the same theory. The only difference is that you double the initial bet and add another one. In other words, after your first defeat of $2 you bet $6 | (2x2) +2=6|. If anything, then this strategy will surely increase your overall profit.

As with everything in this world, details make all the difference. Strategies represent such details in American Roulette.

Roulette Info

All necessary Roulette Info is possible to find here. Do not be shy and afraid - just try one of the world's favorite roulette games. Usuful tips and strategies will help you to succeed when playing roulette in both online and land casinos!

Roulette Systems

More interesting and really useful facts about various roulette systems: how to use them and win every bet. Learn to manage your roulette bankroll wisely and place the bets that will definitely win with each spin. Rare betting strategies for roulette explained.

Roulette Game

Anyway, do not forget that roulette game is the game of luck: systems do not work if you do not believe in them.