Betting strategies

A false belief

Most of the players admit Roulette as being one of the easiest games in a casino. For some of them playing Roulette means daydreaming at the table, ignoring the essential rules of these roulette games! Switching to autopilot and expecting great results is a false belief that has nothing to do with roulette strategies.

Roulette strategies are anything but systems

Players often search for a handbook entitled "Methodology for playing Roulette". With the exception of a set of rules provided by a system, there is nothing that can grant constant wins. Suppose the players respect this set of rules, they can increase their chances of winning. The gambling market is known for thousands of systems sold around the world. None of them should be taken seriously, because none of them provide genuine strategies. Most of the systems are faulty and generate unpredicted risks. In order to widen your horizons on systems used in gambling, you should visit

The difference between systems and strategies is that the latter ones offer methods by which to play and not axiomatic considerations. Far from claiming to beat the house with a mathematical algorithm, roulette strategies offer advice on the following topic: setting win and loss limits.

An eloquent example

Smart gamblers know that the best roulette strategies are linked to bankroll management. For instance, a player starts the game with a bankroll of $100. In order to protect the capital they fix a $100 loss limit. In other words, in case the player loses all the money during the game, he cannot return after having gathered some money. In the same time the player sets a $500 win limit, meaning that he will stop playing at the moment when he goes beyond $500 of profit. This is a good roulette strategy that prevents losing everything in a downswing. This is one of the simplest and most efficient roulette strategies.

Advanced Roulette strategies

Besides this simple strategy, players can utilize advanced and protective strategies as well. One of these would be to start with $100 bankroll and limit the play to incipient luck. In other words, the player must play until losing everything or winning a predetermined amount. Speaking of which, let's pretend the predetermined amount is $100 and he/she wins $100. In this case the player will withdraw the original $100 bankroll and start using the amount that he won.

A smart player chooses to set a win limit on the newly acquired bankroll. The beauty of this advanced strategy is that the player has actually set an incredible 0 loss limit. At the end of the day, you will discover that following this advanced strategy will prevent losses.

Roulette Info

All necessary Roulette Info is possible to find here. Do not be shy and afraid - just try one of the world's favorite roulette games. Usuful tips and strategies will help you to succeed when playing roulette in both online and land casinos!

Roulette Systems

More interesting and really useful facts about various roulette systems: how to use them and win every bet. Learn to manage your roulette bankroll wisely and place the bets that will definitely win with each spin. Rare betting strategies for roulette explained.

Roulette Game

Anyway, do not forget that roulette game is the game of luck: systems do not work if you do not believe in them.