Roulette variations

Minor decisive discrepancies


Roulette games are characterized by consistency throughout the endless available variations. At the end of the day you will realize that despite this feature, not all the games of Roulette are alike.

It is of utmost importance, that players understand the discrepancies between the variations of the game. The last thing one should do is to randomly select between the variations of roulette. Without a proper knowledge of specific details, you could easily end up losing and choose the right one of roulette strategies. Some basic fundamentals are indispensable for your overall playing potential. Discard strategies and playing schemes, focus on aspects such as the house edge. The latter one differs from variation to variation and thus is worth being considered.

Different Forms Of Roulette

The most popular forms of Roulette are the American Roulette, the French Roulette, the European Roulette and the Mini-Roulette. The house edge determines the percentage that the house gains for itself; therefore you should look for the lowest available percentage.


Among all the Roulette games, Mini-Roulette has the worst house edge. Judging the odds, this simplified version is the worst you can get. The wheel has slots ranging from 0 to 12, which ensures that the 0 comes up more frequently in relation to larger versions. The house edge generates a colossal 7.69%, definitely not favorable. 0 means losing your bets suppose you didn't bet on 0.

American Roulette

Another Roulette game that has a bad reputation because of the house edge is American Roulette. Two pockets - 0 and 00 - double the chances of loosing, except when you bet on them. The 5.26% house edge is seemingly better, but still not enough.

European Roulette

A more preferred form is the European Roulette; the more the pockets, the more advantageous the game. European Roulette excels because it has more pockets (0-36) and less zeroes: only one 0 pocket.

French Roulette

French Roulette occupies first place among Roulette games. What makes it so special in online casinos is the La Partage rule. If the ball lands on the 0 pocket, half of the even money bet gets returned, which in turn determines a 1.35% house edge. French Roulette is extremely exciting and if we add the better odds, we can easily say that it surpasses any other form of Roulette.

The rookies had better try the online version, where they can learn, courtesy of the practice mode. Free games will acquaint you with the betting strategies before playing for real. Many online casinos offer low house edges, no wonder that French Roulette is becoming more and more popular. Feel free to join us in this excited game!

Roulette Info

All necessary Roulette Info is possible to find here. Do not be shy and afraid - just try one of the world's favorite roulette games. Usuful tips and strategies will help you to succeed when playing roulette in both online and land casinos!

Roulette Systems

More interesting and really useful facts about various roulette systems: how to use them and win every bet. Learn to manage your roulette bankroll wisely and place the bets that will definitely win with each spin. Rare betting strategies for roulette explained.

Roulette Game

Anyway, do not forget that roulette game is the game of luck: systems do not work if you do not believe in them.